About St. Stephen's


img_3092St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School was founded in 1984 as a private, non-profit, bilingual Preschool in response to the community’s desire to give an awareness of their language and heritage to the next generation.

Over the years since St. Stephen's was established, it has grown into a highly regarded private, coeducational elementary school for students Preschool through Grade 5, age 2 years nine months to twelve, with a population of approximately 190 students.

St. Stephen's Armenian Elementary School is a child-centered American-Armenian Institution committed to academic excellence. At the Pre-School level, the curriculum nurtures the whole child, developing skills in the Armenian language. At the Elementary level, the core curriculum subjects are taught in English. The Armenian language and history are taught in Armenian, with an emphasis on creating awareness and instilling an appreciation of Armenian culture and traditions.