The commitment of our School to providing an outstanding education dates back to 1984, when it first opened its doors in Watertown, Massachusetts. From the beginning, the school has offered a positive learning environment, where each child receives individual attention. This philosophy is the foundation upon which St. Stephen’s has grown, prospered and achieved academic excellence.

With the gradual addition of kindergarten through fifth grade, the school has become known for the quality of the education it provides. In 2003, it became the first and only Armenian elementary school in New England accredited by the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE), an achievement that puts the school on par with the region’s best private schools. In its report, the AISNE visiting team commended the school for “creating an environment where all students love to read and appear committed to academic excellence.” They also praised the school and its principal, Houry Boyamian, for recruiting a talented and dedicated staff.

The school’s educational accomplishments are further borne out of its students’ test scores. Each year, second-and fourth-graders take the Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills (CTBS) in reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. In general, their scores range in the top 10 to 20 percent nationwide in the above subjects. The school’s uniqueness goes well beyond academic ranking. Our faculty members help develop problem-solving, reasoning, self-reliance and responsibility within each child. Equally important, the school continues to welcome each student into a warm and friendly environment, where learning is an enjoyable experience

1984: St Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School opens as a private, bilingual preschool with eight students
1985: Kindergarten is added
1986: First grade is added
1987: Second grade is added
1988: Third grade is added
1989: Fourth grade is added
1990: Fifth grade is added
1991: First class graduates with four students
1998: Preschool building is constructed
2003: The school becomes the first and only Armenian school to earn the accreditation by Association of Independent Schools in New England
2004: Additions to the Preschool is completed

  • Fifth-graders travel to Armenia
  • Second- and fourth-graders score in the top 15 percent in Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills testing
  • The school celebrates its 20th anniversary

2005: Student population reaches 190 and the Trip to Armenia becomes an integral part of the 5th Grade curriculum
2006 First school in Massachusetts to pilot Ubunto Open Source software, developed by Mark Shuttleworth, the South-African born founder of the Ubunto Project and cosmonaut, whose mission is to focus young people on math, science, and technology
2011 Recognized by Massachusetts House of Representatives and the State Senate for perpetuating the Armenian culture, history, and language
2011 Awarded “Best Armenian School in the Diaspora” by the Republic of Armenia, Ministry of Diaspora
2011 Awarded Gelfund Family Charitable Trust STEM Planning Grant
2012 Launched School-wide STEM Initiative
2012 Campus expanded with new building adjacent to the Preschool (Elton Avenue)
2013 Adoption of Know Atom - next generation interactive science curriculum
2014 Weeklong STEM Expo

47 Nichols Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472

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