As SSAES embarks into online learning, we believe it is important to establish expectations to maximize student success. Please review the following remote learning expectations for families and students. Our school community could be fully remote learning at any given time during this academic year, please be sure to review these expectations.

Family Expectations

Establish a routine & schedule as well as time to complete/share work.

1. School Study/Work Space

  • Choose a quiet designated space to learn, preferably at a desk and comfortable chair, without distractions. Please do not allow students to be in bed during class. Have your CB, workbooks, paper, pencils, rulers, crayons and markers available.
  • Planned breaks are in the student schedules, please remain seated during instruction time. Siblings should not share the same study space. This is so classes are not disrupted by their sibling’s class audio. It has been our experience, after monitoring several remote classes, that many remote classes can hear their siblings' remote class. Headphones are highly recommended to avoid this issue.
  • Please consider not holding your family/work conversations and phone calls in this space for your privacy, as many personal conversations can be heard during class when not on mute. This is for your privacy.

2. Monitor Your Child/Children’s Work

  • In the morning you might ask?
    • What subjects do you have today?
    • Do you have any assignments due?
    • How will you prioritize your work?
    • What can I do to help?
  • At the end of the day, you might ask?
    • Did you turn in everything that was due today?
    • Were there any problems/pages/words/assignments you got stuck on? If so, what did you do to solve the problem?
    • Have you checked Google Classroom/Seesaw for returned work?
  • Help students “own” their learning. Provide encouragement and support, but do not complete the work for them.

3. Breaks/Recess (Screen & Mask Breaks)

  • Breaks are critical for children. Students should take time away from their screens when scheduled.
  • Scheduled mask breaks for students in-person will allow remote learners to turn off their screens and stretch as well.
  • Encourage exercise as regular break opportunities are scheduled. Please be sure your child/children get up and move around, have a few moments of social time or conversation with a family member. This improves focus.

4. Uniforms

  • Remote Students will wear their school or gym uniform on the designated days.No pajamas please.
  • Grades 3 & 5
    Gym-Mondays & Thursdays
    Regular-Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Grades 1, 2 & 4
    Gym- Tuesdays & Fridays
    Regular-Monday & Thursdays
  • Wednesday Dress Code: Casual attire, no hoodies or hats.

5. Punctuality

  • Please arrive promptly to class.
  • If your child/children arrive(s) late, they will miss critical instruction time. Teachers cannot review material missed by consistently tardy students.
  • Please do not allow your child/children to arrive extra early to class to chat while the teacher is not present, please join when the teacher is in the Google Meets meeting. This is to be sure the students are supervised while online.

6. Lunch & Snack

  • Class schedules will designate lunch & snack time.
  • Please do not eat during non-scheduled times or during lessons, this includes breakfast.
  • Breakfast should be provided prior to the start of school, as if you were in school. No gum chewing please.

7. Screen View

  • Family members should not be on their child/children’s screen.
  • We value your support for your child/children, but please try to stay off screen.

8. Attendance

  • Attendance is taken everyday. We ask that if your child/children cannot attend class to notify the classroom teacher so the attendance record can be documented.

9. Responsible Use of Technology

When completing work online, joining class video-conferencing or virtual class discussions, students should be sure to:

  • Be kind & use respectful behavior and language.
  • Stick to topic discussions.
  • Send only appropriate video transmissions.
  • Your child/children’s names are noted on your Google Meets screen, please do not change your name.
  • No special effects, upside down images or other distractions
  • No chatting, texting, emailing or side conversation during class

Student Expectations

You should understand your responsibility as learners to engage in your classrooms each day. In addition, you are responsible for the same regulations as outlined in the SSAES Student Handbook.

1- Follow Class schedules.

2- Sign into online classrooms daily. Stay connected.

3- Be on time for class meetings and specials.

4- Wear school uniforms on designated days when virtual.

5- Establish a designated work space. (clean & organized, limited distractions, keep CB & class supplies handy)

6- Use school email to login to Google Classroom any other technology platforms recommended by your teacher.

7- Complete learning activities and assignments by the assigned deadline.

8- Communicate with your teachers. Respond to teacher emails or questions on assignments.

9- Seek help if you need extra support or if you are feeling overwhelmed (teachers, curriculum coordinator, principal).

10- Collaborate with peers using respectful language & behaviors.

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