1: Awards for Excellence in Armenian Studies – Gr. 5

  • Prelacy Award
  • Armenian Relief Society Award
  • St. Stephen’s School Award

2: President’s Education Award – Gr. 5

  • Presidential Award for Academic Excellence: The purpose of this award is to recognize the academic success of students who have excelled in their studies and who have earned high scores in the Standardized Tests.
  • Presidential Award for Academic Achievement: The purpose of this award is to reward students who work hard and give their best effort in school.

3: American Citizenship Award – Gr. 5

  • The American Citizenship Award Recognizes students who:
    • Show a positive attitude toward classmates, school and community
    • Display an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility
    • Possess strength of character and the courage to do what is right

4: Awards for Special Strengths (Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Writing, Technology, etc.- Gr. 5

5: ARS Essay Contest

6: Nishan and Arshalouys Scholarship Fund for Music and Art: ($200 each) (Gr. 4)

7: Anahid Kazazian Scholarship for Excellence in Armenian Studies ($100 each) (Gr. 4)

8: Perfect Attendance Award

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