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Snacks, Lunches, and Party Guidelines

Student Handbook

Homework has an important place in the educational process. It is an extension of the in-school learning experience and is assigned to help students achieve optimal learning.

It is important to set a routine which includes a time and place each evening to do homework. In addition, students should have a quiet space and proper supplies for completing assignments. Homework should have priority over all after school activities.

Homework is the student's responsibility and not the parent's. Parents are encouraged to oversee that homework is being completed and to support students without actually providing answers or doing the work.

An assignment book is provided to grades 2 – 5 students to assist with organization of homework assignments. Parents must sign the assignment book daily upon completion of homework.

When a student does not turn in his homework, he/she will be asked to do it during recess time. If the student was not able to complete the homework during recess time, then he/she will be asked to stay afterschool to finish it.

Teachers will not give homework to students who go on vacation when the school is in session, as they will miss teachers’ explanations and instructions and valuable learning time.


Hot lunch is offered everyday at the school. Lunch menus are placed on the parents’ website every two months. Parents order lunch on line and pay only for the days that they have selected. The rest of the time students bring their own lunch from home. The school provides snacks at the preschool level, but beginning Kindergarten students bring their own snack to school every day.

Due to an increase in childhood allergies and the serious health risks to some students, SSAES is an Allergen Safe school. Some classrooms may have prohibitions based on the makeup of the class.

Parents are asked to help keep all of our students safe by reading food labels carefully to make sure items sent to school do not contain peanuts or peanut by-products.

In addition, SSAES strives to promote nutritious eating habits in order to maintain a healthy learning environment for all of our students. Therefore, students are encouraged to bring a nutritionally balanced lunch and snacks to school which should include foods from the basic four food groups (fruits and vegetables; bread/grains, dairy, and meat/beans.) Candy, gum, and soda should not be brought to school at any time

There are no birthday parties with food celebrated at school. The teacher will mention the student’s birthday and a special birthday song will be sung to the child by his/her classmates.

Lunches and snacks should be kept in a lunch box or bag. Napkins and utensils should be included, as the school does not provide these items. Glass bottles or containers are not allowed, due to possible breakage.


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