STEM at St. Stephen’s Armenian Preschool

Our mission at the preschool level is to give our students quality science education, and to incorporate STEM disciplines in our rich bilingual curriculum. Our goal is to hook our students at a very young age into the process of STEM disciplines.

We try to achieve our goal by:

  • Encouraging our students to observe, question, think, analyze and present their thinking in an age appropriate manner.
  • Teaching our math curriculum with a focus on the investigative method and by using math manipulatives.
  • Encouraging our students to build and construct models with classroom materials and building blocks.
  • Providing Materials and equipment that is age appropriate for the preschool level to enhance the environment for STEM teaching.
  • Exposing our students to materials that promote STEM education and familiarizing them with the use of these materials such as the Kibo Robots.
  • Having our teachers participate in workshops and trainings to prepare them for the actual STEM education process.
  • Utilizing our science room to conduct hands-on STEM related projects.

47 Nichols Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472

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